Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Charlie's Foot

I just grabbed Charlie's foot and he pulled away so I grabbed it again. And for a split second I thought how I shouldn't have grabbed it again because he needs to learn that it's his body and he is in charge of who can touch him regardless if it's someone he trusts, an adult, or a strang--oh yeah, Charlie's a dog.

Monday, November 08, 2010

A Reminiscent Moment:

[Troy walks over to join a conversation between Mike and Sharon.]

Troy: "What's going on over here?"
Sharon: "Just having a conversation."
Troy: "Well I'm coming over here anyway!"
Sharon: "Oh it's cool--it's a public conversation."
Troy: "Great! What's it about?"
Mike: "We're talking about Whale Wars. Have you seen it?"
Troy: "Only in the Twilight Saga."

[Sharon and Mike pause in confusion.]

Sharon: "...Not 'WEREWOLVES'--WHALE WARS!"

Monday, June 28, 2010

Facebook Transactions

Sharon Reynolds: Which one of you thinks you owe me $50?
5 hours ago · Comment · Like

Kelsey Rodgers: i think that was me.... but im not sure
5 hours ago · Like ·

Sharon Reynolds: Yes it was you.
Please send it to me asap. Paypal accepted.
5 hours ago · Like ·

Rocky Rodriguez: I can facilitate this transaction for a small fee.
4 hours ago · Like ·

Sharon Reynolds: Rocky how would you prefer I pay the small fee? Paypal is easiest however I charge recipients of my paypal payments a small fee to receive the payment.
4 hours ago · Like ·

Tony Rodriguez: If you route Rocky's small fee through me I'll absorb the small fee reception payment as a write-off. All I ask for is that you refer other small fee payers to my services.
2 hours ago · Like ·

Rocky Rodriguez: Yes, I have used Tony's service before, and it is quite efficient. This will do nicely.
2 hours ago · Like ·

Sharon Reynolds: This sounds quite nice. However in order to ensure this process flows smoothly, I would feel more comfortable Tony if you found someone to facilitate your process.
about an hour ago · Like ·

Tony Rodriguez: I was hoping you'd say that, Sharon, I have just the guy...
about an hour ago · Like ·

Sharon Reynolds: Perfect.
36 minutes ago · Like ·

Tony Rodriguez: There'll be a fee, though.
23 minutes ago · Like ·

Sharon Reynolds: Oh there will? Well I usually charge for that.
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Sunday, June 06, 2010


After Elmo went missing, authorities decided that witness Charlie may actually
be a suspect.

Location:Austin Texas

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Single

Confused about what is or isn't cool? Allow me to help you.

Sharon in an XBox headset? Definitely cool.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

What Are You Looking At?

Friday, October 23, 2009


Kelly and I saw Spring Awakening at Bass Concert Hall and realized that we were two of the only people not actually on a date.

Here's the video proof. (Kelly is sitting across from me).

My Coworkers Off Kilter at the Battle of the Media Stars

This is a video I posted on our new blog at work INK of some of my coworkers doing the Dizzy Bat event at this year's Battle of the Media Stars. It's an event here in Austin with lots of different media competing against each other. Marketing Matters didn't win, but who gives a sh*t! Lindsey and Kendra for some reason ran in straight lines after their turn at the bat, but Kelly and Matt...well, have a look:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chasing the Rainbow

I love when it rains. And I really love when it storms. The sky puts on a play for anyone who will take pause and peak out from under their umbrellas to enjoy the show. While everyone is cursing the traffic, worried about getting wet, and huddled under awnings, the sky is saying, "Look what I can do!"

The thunder is the symphony, the lightning is the spotlight, the droplets are the actors, and the rainbow is the curtain call.

Why I Majored in Broadcasting

If this is what new stories were always like, I would definitely be working at a newsroom right now.

Back to you, Bob:

From www.brandflakesforbreakfast.com